Smoke Bomb Photoshoot

Add a little more WOAH to your outdoor ceremony with a Vegas worthy smoke bomb photoshoot. When you add this on this photoshoot extra, couples will receive 2  #MarriedInVegas smoke bombs to ensure we catch all the best #Angles & receive 5 additional digital photos with their package. 



*Smoke bomb photoshoots CANNOT be added to #StudioPackages


*Smoke Bomb photoshoots can ONLY be added to certain #AdventurePackages including:







*Smoke bomb photoshoots are best if scheduled during morning or day ceremonies and photoshoots, as the effects of the smoke are much easier to photograph during these times. Couples may add the smoke bomb photoshoot during anytime of the day, however #MarriedInVegas warns against this & is not responsible for the visibility of the smoke in photos taken at night. Refunds will not be issued for smoke bomb photoshoots scheduled during unrecommended times. 

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In order to get legally married in the State of Nevada, you Must obtain your Nevada State MarriageLicense upon arrival to Las Vegas. Out-of-state marriage licenses cannot legally be accepted by any Nevada chapel or officiant. Your Marriage License can be obtained at the Clark County MarriageLicense Bureau, located just across the street from our location. For More detailed information regarding Nevada marriage license requirements of questions please contact the Marriage bureau directly.

Marriage License Bureau

201 E. Clark Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 671-0600 

Open 7 days per week, 8am-midnight

(open all holidays)


There can be confusion betweena Marriage License and your Certified Marriage Certificate that will be explained below:

Marriage License

Your Marriage License is your legal permission to get married. The couple must go together to theMarriage License Bureau prior to arriving at #MarriedInVegas Studios. All couples are encouraged to Pre-apply for their marriage license online, to expedite your marriage license process. You can do so by clicking the link below.

Marriage License Application

You must have a valid photo I.D. in order to be issued a marriage license. The cost of a marriage license is $77. You will be issued a MarriageLicense, and two blank Marriage Certificates. Please do not take any papers out of the issued license envelope, as the Minister knows what papers are needed. If your Marriage License is damaged ortorn, it will not be accepted and a new license must be obtained prior to the ceremony. 

*Obtaining your marriage license does Not mean the couple is legally married. The couple must still have their license signed by a legal wedding officiant.

Certified Marriage Certificate

After the ceremony is over, you will immediately receive your Souvenir Marriage Certificate with information on how to order the certified copy. The minister is legally obligated to file thecertified copy of the marriage certificate within 10 calendar days, after which you can place anorder online for your certificate to be mailed to your address. Typically, most couples will have the certified copy2-4 weeks after their ceremony. The certified copy is what is used to make name changes with theSocial Security Office, and DMV, as well as making any changes to Insurance status, or whenfiling for Immigration paperwork. A Certified Marriage Certificate is needed to make all of these legal changes.



A Rescheduling Fee is waived: 

For the first change of date/time. The Couple must call at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled appointment to reschedule free of charge.

 A Rescheduling Fee of $75 will be charged to the Couple:

After the first change of date/time, any additional changes to the reservation date/time are made.

If your first change of date/time occurs within fourteen (14) days of your scheduled appointment date.

If the date must be rescheduled due to the couple arriving late for the wedding, or if the couple is late/has missed their scheduled limousine. 

If you contact us at least fourteen (14) days prior to your scheduled appointment date, to reschedule the appointment to a date less than fourteen (14) days from the day of rescheduling.  

If the Couple cancels their reservation within thirty (30) days of booking the ceremony, MarriedInVegas Studios will offer a refund of all payments, except for the minimum deposit required to secure the appointment. However, all amounts paid become non-refundable after the reservation has been booked for thirty (30) days. After the 30-Day Refund Period has passed, any cancellations will receive a Studio Credit, and all reservations are subject to rescheduling fees and additional policies below.

If the couple books within 30 days of the ceremony and the package is paid in full or a deposit is made, there will be no refund issued.

Would like to cancel within 30 days of booking the appointment, with more than 30 days before the ceremony, the couple is entitled to a 90% refund of deposits made

If they decide to cancel after the 30 Day Refund Period, they are entitled to a 50% refund if appointment is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the ceremony. If rescheduling the

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