Can we prepare our own vows?

For all packages including a ceremony, we welcome the couple to prepare their own vows toread prior to the Traditional Vows. Prepared vows are not necessary.


Am I going to have a religious or civil ceremony? What is the difference between the two?

All of our ministers are non-denominational ordained ministers. If you would like religion to be apart of your ceremony, we ask that you include it in your vows.


Can we have a wedding rehearsal?

Due to the large volume of weddings that we perform, we do not perform wedding rehearsals,but our Wedding Coordinator will explain the details of the ceremony with the couple prior to  beginning, so there are no surprises.


What is the difference between a legal marriage, renewal of vows, and a commitment ceremony?

A legal marriage is the joining of two people in matrimony by a person qualified by law toperform the ceremony (a minister, priest, judge, justice of the peace, etc.). In order for theMinister to perform a legally binding ceremony, the couple must obtain their Nevada StateMarriage License here in Las Vegas. After the couple has obtained a valid marriage license,issued by the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, they will present it to the Minister at thetime of the ceremony. As soon as the certificate is signed by the Minister, the couple is legally   married. 

A commitment ceremony is a ceremony in which a couple declare their commitment to each other without getting legally married.A Renewal of Vows is a ceremony in which a couple that have already been legally married choose to once again devote their love to one another in a ceremony that holds no legal  binding.The Couple does not need to bring a marriage license or certificate, although a waiver will be signed stating the couple is already legally married.

MarriedInVegas Studios welcomes legal marriages, renewal of vows, and commitment  ceremonies. If participating in a commitment ceremony or renewal of vows ceremony, you will be asked to sign a waiver stating you understand that the commitment is not legally binding.

Do I need a witness?


Any guest that is 18+ can sign as a witness. One witness is required, with space for two to printtheir  names if desired. If the couple has no guests, then a witness will be provided  byMarriedInVegas Studios.


Do you perform Same Sex Ceremonies?

Yes, we welcome same-sex couples for all ceremonies.


When should I arrive for my ceremony?

We require both the couple, and all guests, to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled  appointment time in order to check in. The doors are closed and locked during the ceremony,  whether or not all guests have arrived.


How long is the ceremony?

Each ceremony offers a unique experience that can change the time you are with us in the chapel.  Our #StudioPackages span 20-40 minutes, including ceremony and photo session.

Most #AdventurePackages will typically be an hour or more to accommodate limo service andtravel times, and extended photoshoots.


What music is played?

Traditional music is included with all packages including ceremonies.(#WeDo not included)


What is the dress-code?

MarriedInVegas Studios does not have a required dress code: Both formal and casual-dress are welcome


Are the Minister fee and other Gratuities included in the Package Price?

MarriedInVegas Studios prides itself on not charging any Minister or Officiation fees. Gratuities  are also not included in our package prices. The price you see is the price you get.  Our team does their best to bring perfect service to every couple, so if you would like to leave agratuity, here is what is recommended:

Minister: $50-$100

Photographer: $40-$60 (depending on photo package)

Limo Driver: $40


What are your rescheduling policies?

For the first change of date/time. The Couple must call at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled appointment to reschedule free of charge.

A Rescheduling Fee of $75 will be charged to the Couple:
-After the first change of date/time, any additional changes to the reservation date/time are made.  
-If your first change of date/time occurs within fourteen (14) days of your scheduled appointment date.
-If the date must be rescheduled due to the couple arriving late for the wedding, or if the couple is late/has missed their scheduled limousine.
-If you contact us at least fourteen (14) days prior to your scheduled appointment date, to reschedule the appointment to a date less than fourteen (14) days from the day of rescheduling.
What are your cancellation policies?

If the Couple cancels their reservation within thirty (30) days of booking the ceremony, MarriedInVegas Studios will offer a refund of all payments, except for the minimum deposit required to secure the appointment. However, all amounts paid become non-refundable after the reservation has been booked for thirty (30) days. After the 30-Day Refund Period has passed, any cancellations will receive a Studio Credit, and all reservations are subject to rescheduling fees and additional policies below.

If the couple books within 30 days of the ceremony and the package is paid in full or a deposit is made, there will be no refund issued.
Would like to cancel within 30 days of booking the appointment, with more than 30 days before the ceremony, the couple is entitled to a 90% refund of deposits made.

If they decide to cancel after the 30 Day Refund Period, they are entitled to a 50% refund if appointment is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the ceremony. If rescheduling the appointment to a further date, refunds will be calculated based on the original date the appointment was booked.

If the couple chooses to cancel within 30 days off the ceremony, there will be no refunds given. A Studio Credit can be issued for the cost of the package, and the appointment can be rescheduled for a later date. Appointments can be also transferable between guests.
Is there somewhere for my guests to park?
There is paid parking only in the Downtown Las Vegas district. There are 6 parking spots directly in front of our building and two paid parking lot available on the corner of 4th street and Carson.
What flower colors do you offer?

MarriedInVegas Studios offers a few standard bouquets available to view on our Flowers page.We  offer traditional rose bouquets in red, white, and pink, as well as sunflower bouquets. We understand that all of our couples can have a specific color scheme in mind, so if you have a specific color or style in mind, with at least 72 hours notice, we ask you to email us a picture of your requested bouquet, and our wedding coordinators can discuss availability. Please keep inmind that all custom flowers are liable to Upgrade Fees.
Can I upgrade and add to my flower order?

Our In-House Wedding Coordinators will be in touch to confirm all floral orders. If you areinterested in any upgrades, your coordinator will let you know what can be done based on  the  notice given
What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover,(a nominal processing fee will apply). At this time, we are facing a National Change Shortage and while we accept all cash payments,we urge our guests to use Debit and Credit cards, and exact change when possible.