Smoke Bomb Photoshoot

  • Распродажа
  • Обычная цена $80.00

Add a little more WOAH to your outdoor ceremony with a Vegas worthy smoke bomb photoshoot. When you add this on this photoshoot extra, couples will receive 2  #MarriedInVegas smoke bombs to ensure we catch all the best #Angles & receive 5 additional digital photos with their package. 



*Smoke bomb photoshoots CANNOT be added to #StudioPackages


*Smoke Bomb photoshoots can ONLY be added to certain #AdventurePackages including:







*Smoke bomb photoshoots are best if scheduled during morning or day ceremonies and photoshoots, as the effects of the smoke are much easier to photograph during these times. Couples may add the smoke bomb photoshoot during anytime of the day, however #MarriedInVegas warns against this & is not responsible for the visibility of the smoke in photos taken at night. Refunds will not be issued for smoke bomb photoshoots scheduled during unrecommended times.